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Working girl breakfast

DSC_6536I've been working on a temporary document review project for the last two weeks or so, and my blog has thusly suffered as a result. By "thusly" I mean, I haven't had time to post, and for now you're going to get pictures of oatmeal. Here we are. At the very least I have learned to stop apologizing for not having time to update - first, no one wants to hear that, they just want more posts; second, life happens! This blog is supposed to be fun, for me and for anyone reading it, and it's not going to be fun if it's just me feeling pressured to write things when I have other things on my mind, or if you are constantly hearing about why I'm not posting in a way that is less "look at this fanciful whimsical wonderful brunch spread!" and is more "oh my god my life is so stressful, womp womp." Usually this place is where I share most aspects of my life - I love photography, I love writing, I love being social. Blogging is the best of all these things for me. But I also am letting myself be more okay with putting it off if I'm not feeling it. Job searching is hard enough, real life is hard enough sometimes (for everyone!), and I don't need to get on my own case about something that is meant to be a form of emotional catharsis. Right? Right. I think every blogger needs to affirm this to herself at some point, and we have apparently reached that point. Shrug.

That said, you haven't missed much! As usual, I have a backlog of pictures to update, and a backlog of mini-stories to tell, but really nothing mind-blowing has transpired in the last week and a half. I'm working, soon I won't be, I'll be back to job searching, and that means I'll probably blog more often in a typical Maddy attempt to forgo real productivity. Yippie! The things you learn in law school.

Coming up: Lauren is coming to visit from Austin this weekend, and I can't wait! We have to get hush puppies from Kate's Kitchen, and go to Churchill down the street, and spend a day eating ice cream in Dolores park, and go up to Lagunitas and drink tasting flights of delicious brews while listening to live music. We have to do everything! I hope she sleeps on the plane.

Also: Good luck to any and all people I know taking the Bar this week! You have worked hard, and soon you will be done. You've got this. (Looking at you Katey...!)

Pictures lately

Happy Valentine's Day!