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New shop listings, and new shop news!

The past few weeks have been... insane. Alright, maybe insane is a strong word. It's not like anything really happened beyond the normal work-eat-try-to-sleep routine. Except, well, there's maybe the thing about how I agreed to help do the social media & PR duties for a friend's production company starting this month. And then, I guess it's relevant that it was my birthday last week so I've spent the past couple of weekends partaking in various family and friend birthday celebrations (I went "ultra bowling" with some friends at the Yerba Buena Bowling Center. Thank you for helping me celebrate getting old! er.) But, I suppose, probably most importantly, the thing that has likely been adding the most amount of increased activity to my life is the fact that...I'M SELLING MY KNITS IN STORES!

Well, I will be. Soon! A couple of weeks ago, coincidentally within a few days of each other, I got two email requests from San Francisco store owners to have me sell my knit scarves & hats on consignment. This means they get a percentage (a large percentage) and so do I, but only if it sells. But still - my things are going to be in stores. For random people to buy! People who don't know or particularly like me and who feel no need to boost my ego or store sales by purchasing anything I've made but who might purchase something ANYWAY! This is blowing my mind. This shop started out as a small goal of mine, just to prove to myself that I could do it, but so far nothing has sold to anyone who doesn't already like me (hey friends! love you guys!) The fact that a total stranger might go into a store and pick out something I've made is just mind-blowing to me, considering six months ago I barely thought I could open an Etsy shop. And now, I'll be able to go into a store and see my stuff! There! On the wall! Or the shelf! Like anyone else's stuff! Now I understand how designers must feel when they see people wearing their clothes. Even if it's an overpriced t-shirt, the idea of someone wanting something you made, for its own merit, is a little surreal.

I can give more details in the coming weeks as these two situations with the stores progress, but for now, I hope you'll enjoy these pics of some new listings I've just put up in the shop, since I have been and will be knitting every waking minute for the rest of my life.

The Josie Infinity Scarf, royal blue, $150DSC_8459DSC_8461DSC_8491The Zoe Cowl, light grey, $65DSC_8471DSC_8472DSC_8473The Zoe Cowl, orange, $65DSC_8474DSC_8477DSC_8480The Nancy Slouchy Tam, light blue, $65DSC_8485DSC_8486The Josie infinity scarf, light grey, $150DSC_8495DSC_8499The Lily Cowl, earth green, $70DSC_8505DSC_8509DSC_8503The Lily Cowl, mustard, $70DSC_8510DSC_8516DSC_8514DSC_8517I can't wait to drag all of my friends and family into these stores and point out where my things are. I apologize for the extreme bragging nature of this post, but, it's my blog. So I think it'll be okay. Am I allowed to say I'm proud of myself? I hope so. Because I am! And hopefully this is just the beginning of something wonderful into which I can direct my creative energies. And hopefully it won't kill my love of knitting or anything. I guess that's just the risk I have to take!

I can't think of a ukulele pun.

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