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A wanderlust week.

lake-nakuru-flamingos-8[2]photograph from Amusing Planet's article

I am getting that feeling, you guys. That sense of urgency where I am too comfortable, my life is too easy, too good, and I could keep it this way forever and be satisfied...but then (this is the urgency) I would die and never have experienced anything outside of myself, anything daring or wild or risky. I don't want to be too risky here, I still don't plan on skydiving or cliff jumping or things that would actually cause me too much danger. I am not a risk-taker by nature. But I think, for lack of a better word, I am an experiencer. I think I do love going places and seeing things that are unknown to me simply for the joy and beauty of living in a "new world" unlike my own. And I need more of that. And no one is going to make that happen except for me.

Today's post is short but sweet. You get the idea already - I want to travel more, I need to see different things, I need to become less satisfied with simply staying in and knitting every night. I don't have kids, I don't have a mortgage, if I don't start planning my miniature life of adventure now, then when? I don't like to do things suddenly, but that doesn't mean I can't start formulating a plan. A plan could make me comfortable with change. A plan could start the ball rolling. It's time to make a plan, people! Or, at least time to start planning for the plan.

This post is brought to you by two links today:

1. This horoscope by The Rumpus, which started my brain rolling down the hill of wanderlust: "Taurus: This week’s going to be full of wide spaces and large rooms, open fields and open windows. This week is not exactly a week for moving forward, for progress. Instead, it’s a time to move sideways, diagonally, to stay where you are and expand, to grow large enough to fill all the space you’ve been given in this world. Think about all the futures you could live in, think about the different fields and different hallways and different shades of sunlight that could be yours. Listen to Lauryn Hill. Write down your dreams."

2. This blog post by Alex in Wanderland, a travel blogger who has spent the last two years of her life freelancing and blogging to support her nomadic lifestyle. I intend to go home tonight and read every one of her blog posts and remember how much there is in this world besides what I've been given directly. While I don't think I could spend two years away from stability, I haven't even done a tenth of what she has done in the past two years, in my entire twenty-seven years. That in itself is a little mind-blowing.

If you need any travel inspiration of your own, check out her blog, read your own horoscope, look at the incredible flamingo pictures from Lake Nakuru. See the world, Bloggees! Even just from your computer, today, right now. There's no time to waste.

Happy birthday, Etsy!

I can't think of a ukulele pun.