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Happy birthday, Etsy!

BNEQEwoCcAAXZgv I love this birthday photo put together by Lark Crafts! So vibrant, creative, and fun - all things for which Etsy stands. Etsy turns 8 years old this week and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Etsy for giving me a space to mingle with other craftspeople, find and grow a market for my handmade goods, and add to the handmade movement with my own purchases from Etsy shops (instead of shopping mass produced chain stores.)

It is a simple idea that has grown to mean so much more these days (read this, and this, and this) and I deeply appreciate its effect on my burgeoning craft-life. While I may not be supporting myself solely from Etsy sales (actually, I may be sinking slightly more money into this venture than I am getting back so far) I know for a fact that it adds substantially to my life to have this creative outlet. Maybe I could pursue it on my own, or through another website, but I don't know if it would be the same. There is truly an Etsy community and I am now a part of it! And I celebrate that today, even for just a minute.

So, Happy Birthday Etsy! May you have many more to come.

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