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One Two Three: Summer Party Edition

Hey Bloggees! It's been so long since I've done one of these posts that I figured July 4th was the perfect time to pony up. And as a bonus for you all, you get DOUBLE the pictures and ideas! So really this should be called One Two Six, but that just doesn't have the same ring.

Anyway, onwards and upwards my friends. Prepare to be inspired. You're going to want to throw so many summer parties that your landlord will start charging you admission. For running a club. Out of your backyard. Get it? See what I did there? Alright, enough of that.

Something to slurp IMG_0033-3 First up, we have an amazing peach cobbler. The sweet taste of roasted peaches, combined with the crispness of fresh vanilla ice cream, topped with flaky granola? Can't be beat!9058517409_824c12cb4f_o However, this lavender and chocolate ice cream is giving the peach cobbler a run for its money! Just look at how slurpable those scoops look. And that waffle cone! Summer isn't over without out least a couple scoops in a waffle cone.

Something to sip blackberrybourbonlem Want to try something new? This Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade will quench any and all thirsts. And the mason jar looks so cute! All you need are some festive paper straws (all the rage these days, dontcha know) and your house cocktail will be complete. cc088$!400x-1 Or go with something more classic, like a silver platter full of champagne flutes! You can't go wrong with the bubbly.

Something to sparkle tumblr_m3b8n0B04z1r5jpkeo1_400 For a casual, backyard soirée (do "casual" and "soirée" conflict too much here? What about using them in a slightly ironic way? I could try that. Yeah, pretend that's it.) string up some outdoor, large-bulb lights for the standard summer look. You can probably get these at any hardware or outdoor supply store. In fact, I love this look year-round! f76835a0f924fc6d1ac2a965aa84ff6e During the actual Fourth of July celebrations, grab yourself some sparklers. Turn the stars off and use these to light the summer night sky!

Judging by the symptoms of global warming, I'd say we all have until at least mid-October to throw ourselves some summer parties. So let's get planning, shall we? I'll meet you by the pool.

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