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Seattle Trip, Day Two: Graduation

And we're back with the Seattle saga! It's hard to believe I have five days worth of posts crammed into two days of vacation, but, tis true. After brunch, we raced over to the University of Washington program to watch my... cousin? Niece? My stepdad's older sister's son's daughter... (hold on I'm thinking) My cousin once removed? My second-cousin? Whatever. Y'all can make a chart if you need to know. Anyway! We watched her graduate from her Transition Year, a year where she finished all her high school requirements and prepared to enter UW as a college freshman this fall, going straight from middle school to college. I know I couldn't take on something of that magnitude and we are all so proud of her!

DSC_8996Mom and Aunt NancyDSC_9002Abby accepting her certificate!DSC_9013Abby and her classmates thanking their teachers for a year of dedication

Afterwards we all went outside for a buffet-picnic-celebratory-lunch thing. So, of course, I took the opportunity to take more pictures of my hyper-photogenic family I don't see often enough.DSC_9014DSC_9015DSC_9016DSC_9018DSC_9022DSC_9029DSC_9031DSC_9033DSC_9034And of course, we had to get a family photo! This one is... less photogenic. In fact I think I look positively awful, but, what are you gonna do? Not every picture has to be a winner, sometimes it's just enough to have something to remember the day!

Tomorrow: The Edmonds Art Festival! Spoiler alert: there's ice cream involved.

Seattle Trip, Day Two: Art Festival

Seattle Trip, Day Two: Breakfast