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Loves coffee, crafting, and cheese plates.  


High Five for Friday, Bloggees! I'm participating in the weekly linkup by Lauren Elizabeth where I share with you five cool or interesting or important things from this week. Sometimes posting a "whole post" (snort) can seem kind of overwhelming, since I want to make it worth your reading-while, so this is a way to share little bits of my life that maybe weren't worth a "whole post"!

This week I:

1. Finished Gone Girl and started Angels & Demons (our book club book this month is the fourth Robert Langdon novel so I want to start at the beginning!)

2. Wrote and submitted an article for Levo League, a great site about career and lifestyle advice for women. My article isn't posted up, but here's an example of one of their articles: Jessica_Collage_FINAL

3. Got to relive my Seattle trip with a post a day this week: DSC_9128

4. Fixed my bandana scarf pattern (while home sick. Boo.)

5. Saw The Lone Ranger (and loved it!) The-Lone-Ranger-wallpaper-1024x640

What did you all do this week? Share with me! I love hearing life snapshots, even if it's just about the extra delicious coffee you had at work.

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