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Seattle Trip, Day Two: Oyster Dinner

Of course, the final act to our two-day whirlwind tour of Seattle was an oyster dinner with my BFF Carly, her beau (told you I loved that word!) Matt, and my not-so-little brother Tyler. We went to Cafe 56, the outdoor portion of Elliott's Oyster Bar on the waterfront. It was delicious and gorgeous and we couldn't have asked for a better finale to our trip. DSC_9101I got Ty to try one of the bacon-and-mango hot oysters with a grimace (not my fav either) but then he was over the slimy stuff and stuck to the calamari and his main dish. The rest of us gobbled up the oyster platter we got and dove into the rest of our meal!DSC_9097Carly and Matt, action shot!DSC_9100Mango and Bacon oysters - not my favorite. I like when they're cold, slimy, and full of lemon and that red tomatoy stuff you put on top. DSC_9105DSC_9110Ty got some kind of fizzy raspberry drink which looked so refreshing! Everyone jokes about the Seattle weather but the weekend we went it was incredibly warm out. I almost feel like I have a misconception about life in Seattle because the few times I've visited have been so wonderful, weather-wise! Oh well. I'll stick with my misconception until they give me a reason to stop coming back. DSC_9114DSC_9120DSC_9116

The leftovers: DSC_9121DSC_9124See what I meant about oysters being so photogenic? I feel like all the little barnacles and crevices just ask to be photographed. But maybe I'm just a food freak. DSC_9125Obligatory sibling picture. Not our best moment but at least it's recorded for the rest of time on the internet.DSC_9127The calamari appetizer was delicious, of course. Everything at this place was delicious, I really couldn't recommend it highly enough! Big shout out to Carly for picking this spot.DSC_9128For my main I got mussels, since I'm obsessed with mussels. I really can't believe I haven't cooked them myself yet...maybe that will be a future blog post? Let's get ambitious with this, people!DSC_9134DSC_9138

Now, here are a bunch of arty Seattle pictures. If you don't really care about these, feel free to scroll down. Go ahead! I won't be offended! Oh, you didn't scroll? You wanted to see my faux-arty shots? You like me, you really like me! Ok, yeah, now you're scrolling. It's cool, I get it. DSC_9139DSC_9141DSC_9148DSC_9151DSC_9158DSC_9064DSC_9077DSC_9078DSC_9090And just like that, with a flick of the wrist and a... ok with a something else, we were done. Our rapid-fire trip came to an end and we hurry-scurry-ed to the airport the next morning, luckily with NO travel issues. Here's a shot of my mom and brother at the breakfast place on the way back in case you need evidence that we flew back and didn't just teleport because we were so sick of planes:74D7EFB0-414F-4B79-B5B2-1EC59A6E5AC1And there you have it! My Seattle trip. It was crazy, exhausting, full of family, and love, and celebration, and friends, and laughter, which is just the way an exhausting trip should be. It was totally worth the first-day headache.

Have you ever had a crazy-but-worth-it trip? Let me know in the comments, I'd like to remember travel isn't a bad thing!

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