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Helsinki Laundry("Helsinki Laundry" by Lapsus at flickr)

Sometimes there are just catch up days, days when the rigors of life have finally pulled ahead and you must forgo that mouth-watering recipe or that late night movie and really spend time doing things that need doing. Tonight is one such night (day?) for me, and I shall dub it "laundry day." Because I should really do laundry.

Now, this doesn't mean that I will. I am a bit of a clothes-horse (clothes-hound? I can never get that right) and so can go a decent amount of time without doing laundry without getting too desperate. However, Bloggees, we are nearing the end of that time, and I must do my adult duty to not ward off friends and family from my company with dirty clothes. Other things that need doing tonight:

- go grocery shopping and buy something more substantial than the Lipton's soup I've been eating for the past week - maybe a nice salmon filet? I just like saying "filet."

- set up blog posts for this week

- set up social media for this week for my Twitter, Facebook, and friend's production company.

- watch The Bachelorette for my friend's Bachelorette Fantasy League (so far I'm in third place, a position I have wrestled to achieve each week! This is important.)

- experiment with my new tripod and remote shutter release (!!) for shop pictures and outfit photos (you're all excited to see my ridiculous outfits in full on portrait-mode, yes? Yes.)

- go to the gym for the first time in weeks (weeks I tell you!) to start training for the Nike Women's Half Marathon - my fourth half marathon! I'm trying to finally (FINALLY) break 3 hours, so I need to start training. Now.

- get a good night's sleep so I don't get sick again like I did last week (did you miss all my Twitter moping? Then you're lucky.)

- oh yeah, maybe do a couple loads of laundry. Wish I could do it as colorfully as in the photo above! But alas, our laundry room is like a cavernous pit of despair. Maybe it's just because they charge $1.75 per load per machine...

You would think having just come off the weekend that I would have accomplished one or more of these things already, but you would be wrong! I had to work both days to make up for my sick days this week, and then went home Saturday night to pick up some books and things (tripod! remote shutter release!) that I had shipped to my parent's house. Fortunately that gave me the time to get a pedicure with my mom and finish Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. I'm on Da Vinci Code (already seen the movie and may have even read the book before, but who can keep track these days) now and looking forward to The Lost Symbol. I'm a reading machine!

I also found a dress that will be perfect for my friend's wedding party in Chicago this weekend. I can't wait to a) travel a bit, b) catch up with my high school besties that I don't get to see often enough because they live far away, and c) celebrate this exciting occasion with said besties. Oh, and d) wear a cute new dress.

(You can't discount the value of a cute new dress.)

ps - I'm aiming to have something in writing about my thoughts of this weekend's legal events (read: Zimmerman verdict, the travesty that is the Florida legal system, etc) sometime this week, but it's just so...big. And in a lot of ways I'm not sure I'm the person who should be saying anything about it in the larger context of race issues, since I am coming from a position of some "power" in that regard and haven't experienced any of the horrible discriminatory things I have read and heard about in the past two days. But I can always write my feelings and so I will, just, not today. It needs to be thought-out.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! Remind me to get quarters later for laundry.

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