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High Five for Friday: 7/19

Get ready for a High Five for Friday link up! Head over to Lauren Elizabeth to see more posts from fellow bloggers. 59F73316-892C-49C2-81E0-122D98F3F957 BF9B8A92-6F4D-4041-A103-3A23E8EAFA3C0BD2D6B9-BD41-4AEE-92D2-FFB2F47244A6 D5BC7D07-87F3-4839-8A5A-C79ACF67591A8B0FBC8B-0AD4-46F5-BDC1-6F41F51B8543

1. My mom and I took a little "us" time and got our toes done on Saturday! It's such a luxury, and it's definitely something I've only begun to indulge in regularly as an adult, but man do I enjoy it. My favorite part is the massage chair going while your feet are in a mini swimming pool full of piping hot water scented with little purposeless flower petals drifting around your toes. It makes you feel so zen! Ommmmmmm.

2. I'm starting a new job on Monday that does not take place in San Francisco (I will miss you, Financial District!) so my friends and I went to Ramen Underground this week. It's not like I'm moving or going anywhere, and yet, it's like I am.

3. Got my hair cut! It only happens about twice a year since I've started growing my hair out (it's much longer than you can see in that picture...) so I always get very excited when it does happen. Down with split ends! Up with haircuts!

4. I followed this recipe by the Pioneer Woman Cooks for a jalapeño quesadilla. In fact, I followed it two nights in a row. It was so good.

5. My roommate Leslie's friend Jessie is staying with us for a couple of weeks while she completes a veterinary internship in SF...and she brought a buddy! Bloggees, meet Suru. Or, Suzu? Or, Subaru? We were joking so much about how people never get her name right that now I can't even remember her name. Sorry pooch. And she only has three legs! She's a miracle puppy! That's a longer story. Check back later for that.

I'm off to Chicago this weekend for a reunion with my high school galpals for a celebration for my friend Rachel's marriage. Do you have fabulous weekend plans? Spill!

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