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Phew! It's been a crazy week, Bloggees. To share a little bit of it with you all, I'm participating in the link up with Lauren Elizabeth again (love her site!)

First, you should know that I went to Chicago last weekend for Rachel's wedding weekend extravaganza. So several of my HFFF items are from that weekend. But, I think it counts! It was during the week! Since last Friday! Anyway.

1. Experienced my first midwestern rainstorm! That is, on a day where it was 95 degrees and humid all day, the night brought on many many downpours of Chicago rain. Smelly Chicago rain. Sorry Chicago, not gonna lie, it's weird to have warm rain. But it was definitely an experience in and of itself!

2. Got up early to help Rachel organize her floral arrangements. It was a really sweet moment and I'm glad we could help. I think we did a decent job! Even if she did have to "edit" some. But, it's her wedding! She gets to edit.

3. Attended the wedding of one of my best high school friends, with most of my other best high school friends. It was definitely one of those "we're growing up, how do we stop it??" times. I cried, of course.

4. Made Lily scour her Google Maps to find me a Dunkin Donuts on our last day in Chicago, ever since she sent me a pic of her iced coffee on the way from the airport. I have to say, it was kind of fun in its cheesy touristy-ness. We also saw The Bean!

5. Started a new job at... (drumroll) GOOGLE! I'm very excited. It's not permanent and it's mostly the same kind of document review work I've been doing for different companies for the past few months, but... it's Google. I love it already. Keep me forever, please! (FYI That's what I wore the second day, not the first. In case that matters.)


Have any High Five for Friday moments you want to share about your week?

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