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Wearables: The Frenchie Sweater

Alright, here it is! Outfit post numero dos. It may not be as flattering as the first one (hey we can't always have fresh haircuts and professional blowouts) but this is one of my favorite sweaters, favorite infinity scarves (knit by yours truly), and favorite new bags for the summertime. So, it makes sense that I would make them into a wacky, wannabe-french-themed outfit. DSC_9581DSC_9579DSC_9574DSC_9573DSC_9586DSC_9613DSC_9628DSC_9641DSC_9654DSC_9656

// jeans: Lucky Brand (similar)

// sweater: J.Crew (not similar, but cute and almost French)

// shoes: Sam Edelman (similar, nude color unavailable)

// scarf: earthquake state // designs by me (here)

// bag: Zara (similar)

So far I've only been posting work outfits but that's because that's what I usually wear - five days a week, I'm walking out the door to work! And work is... well, I like my new job a lot, but it's still work. It's not like I'm going to benefits where I have occasion to wear $600 Loubies. So usually, my outfit looks something like this! I've gotten lucky enough to work at places that have a relatively casual dress policy, so I can choose to dress up a little now and then, but don't have to if I'm rushing out the door to get stuff done on a particularly hectic day. I like that feeling. I think wearing heels and black pants and pearl studs and a suit jacket everyday would just get... tedious? You wouldn't even be able to appreciate feeling fancy at that point. Now, if I wear heels, or sparkly earrings, or a sweater made of nicer material than one gets from H&M, it feels special, it doesn't feel standard. And that's the entire point of dressing up! To feel special.

What makes me feel extra special? This bulldog sweater. I feel a bit like a child when I wear it but regardless of the age reversal, I still love it. If you've known me for longer than a week you may have heard about my obsession with all things French Bulldog, and this sweater is included. When I saw it on J.Crew's website I knew it had to be mine. I went out, I bought it, and now I wear it on the regular. And my mother just rolled her eyes when she saw it because it was so perfect. Or because of my shopping habit, she could have been rolling her eyes because of that.

Maybe someday I should pair it with my French Bulldog patterned Anthropologie t-shirt. No? Too much? We'll see. I'll give it a try. And of course I'll take pictures.


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