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I'm working at Google (!)

So, I mentioned this for a hot minute (mom, that means "really quickly") in my High Five for Friday post last week, but I've recently started a new job. it's doing document review at a company in Mountain View. Document review is basically what I've been doing for the past few months so the job itself isn't different, except that, it's amazing. And I love it. Wanna know why?36A7A5EA-16C3-449D-B34A-FA8836C95848Because the company is Google! Who wouldn't want to work at Google? Okay, maybe some people. But I am not one of those people. This post may be a little obnoxious, but bear with me - I am really excited you guys! I honestly never thought I'd have the chance to work at a place like this. I didn't have the top grades in law school, I didn't have the connections, and I wasn't an engineer who could build some cool new gadget for them. So really, I'm just reveling in this moment for a moment. I didn't think I'd get to work for a company like Google, not to mention actual Google, and even if it's only for three months (the current length of my contract), I'm part of it. I love that. I'm really, really excited.

See? This is my excited face! Ok, well, just picture it.

To show you more of my excitement, here is me mastering the espresso machine: DB857BF4-D137-4778-AAE1-C62AFAEA1D45Yes, embarrassingly enough, you CAN see my reflection in the machine!CBF057FC-DEC3-413A-89C3-97B545905321Look Ma, I made foam!

Living the good life. For at least three months. You'd better believe I'm going to be all Positive Polly over these three months. You'd better believe it!

So, just to clarify, my new job is at Google, I'm happy, the end. (Also to clarify, I'm definitely not a permanent employee. I'm pretty sure I have to say that.)

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