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One Two Three: Summer Style

It's been said that summertime heat makes people do craaaaazy things. Do you think this includes mixing patterns and metallics and leather in the same outfit? Because this is looking really good to me:

Something sparkly --

05974_GR6784 03953_ED0747_d1 // 1 // 2 //

Something shift-y --

28557700_041_b 28557700_041_c // here //

Something sassy --

_8118122 _8118496 // here //

Yeah, this could be my craziest outfit idea to date. But I'm feeling it. I have the shift dress from Anthro - one of the only pieces of clothing I've ever gone out and purposefully bought in store after seeing it in the catalog because I liked it so much - so really I'm just missing two more pieces to the puzzle. The shoes I can work around, I've got to have some black-or-wedge-heels around here somewhere. Someone remind me I don't need the $150 mint statement necklace? That would be great. Otherwise we're going to have a fash-tastrophy on our hands in no time.

What do you think of this outfit, yes or no? In fact, what's the boldest (yes, we are calling this outfit bold) look you've put together in the name of fashion? Share with me!

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