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1. A bunch of us went bowling last Friday night (hey that was after my H54F post, that still counts!) for Meredith's birthday. We tried Mission Bowling Club, which was more like a bar with a 6-lane bowling alley in it than anything else, which obviously made the night that much better. Which which which. And they had great cocktails - I have a recent obsession with the Moscow Mule that they easily fulfilled TO MY DELIGHT! I think this is like the time in college when I would only go to diners and eat french dip sandwiches. I'll get over it eventually.


2.  I had to work all last weekend (which, let me tell you, was great in terms of getting to know the rest of the team and forging bonds and all of that, but I've already seen my paycheck and the gov took most of that OT money. I was not expecting this, and now I am sad.) and one of the best parts was learning how to use the espresso machine in the kitchen. Now I can steam milk without burning my arm off! (A previous concern of mine.)


3. Here's some milk I steamed. YUM. You're welcome for this visual.


4. This week we took some of the Google bikes over to another campus for lunch. I'd forgotten how fun it is to just hop on a bike and go, feel the wind in your hairrrrr,  see the pedestrians go past in a blur as you beat them to the destination with your amazing speed! Maybe that last bit didn't happen. At any rate, it made me wish I felt more comfortable biking in the city. Note: I do not.


5. I'm not sure if this counts but I'm excited about it, so here we are: I bought these wedges this week! And wore them! Ta da!


How was your week?

ps - Notice anything different about the blog today? What do you think? Pats self on back. 

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