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Wearables: Turquoise & Grey

When I was taking pictures for this post, one of my roommates asked me how I chose which outfits to shoot and which not to. My first answer, which came out somewhat unintentionally snarkily (sorry roomie!) was that I plan on doing one a week for the foreseeable future, so I just figured I wouldn't run out anytime soon no matter what outfits I shoot! The answer that is closer to reality is that I usually wear the same basic template of an outfit: pants, cardigan, scarf, flats. Only lately have I branched out into heels, boots, flowy shirts from Madewell (the cutest! always!), and other items of a non-template nature, so I'll probably spend the time to take pictures of an outfit if I feel like there is something fun or different about that day - even if it's just a different bag or cute shoes.  

I wanted to shoot this outfit because of the boots: Sam Edelman boots which I have worn exactly twice. I'm trying to figure out how to style them and I figure seeing what works on camera (or doesn't, yeesh) is one way to figure out what I really love in my wardrobe and what pieces are the Fashion Don'ts. Check it out, outfit posts helping everybody!


While these photos might not be the most flattering, I think they have convinced me that I can style the boots appropriately. At least, I can keep trying. DSC_9970

// jeans: BDG from Urban Outfitters // boots: Sam Edelman // scarf: H&M (similar) // sweater: Madewell // bag: MZ Wallace (similar) // earrings: Nob Hill Drop by Kris Nations

Click through for more pictures...!

DSC_9971DSC_9977DSC_9981 Just, you know, keep in mind what I said last time about still learning how to non-awkwardly pose. Work in progress, people! Fake it till you make it? Okay, out of clichés. DSC_9998DSC_0012DSC_0013DSC_0014DSC_0028 I got this bag when I worked at a boutique shoe store after I took the Bar but before I knew I'd passed it. My mom thought it was so odd looking, and even the store owner gave me a little "Are you sure?" look when she put in the order, but I love the tie-dyed look of the fabric and the mixed leather/metal fastenings. I just love weird things, I guess! I keep telling my friends I'm in an "ugly things" phase - whenever I see something that isn't "pretty" in the traditional sense (loud colors, weird shape, etc.) I want to take it and make it work. I have several pieces in my wardrobe from this ugly phase, including this bag. It's probably also why I constantly want to buy a sequined skirt just to have on hand. Thank God I haven't found one...yet. DSC_0033DSC_0046DSC_0054DSC_0084 I saw these earrings on a blog that I regularly read (look for an upcoming post about my favorite blogs!) and just had to have. I thought about it for a few days and then I went for it. Hey, that's more impulse control than I normally show when I see something I like! I really am just the worst saver. Don't tell my mom. DSC_0088 This outfit reminds me a bit of what I think a New Yorker in the 90s would wear (having no knowledge of New York at this time period except for what I see in Law & Order or teenage melodramas shot between 1996-1999): all dark colors everywhere with one bright piece, worn in the middle of July. It gets cold in SF during the summer, must I continually remind you people? Alright, yes, I suppose I must, since the weather is completely counter-intuitive here.


The next outfit post I have planned includes wedges, so, there's that. Moving towards adulthood! And heels! And summer! Hurrah.


Bloggees, what do you think of these colors together? Do you have fashion phases?

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