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New ESD Listing: The Beatrix Bandana Scarf

Friends, Bloggees, Countrywomen, lend me your ears! And your eyes and your scrolling finger. I have an announcement.  

I am very pleased to introduce you to the newest member of the ESD family, The Beatrix Bandana Scarf!


*clapclapclapclapclapclapclap* DSC_0150

This lovely lavender lady is made of 100% Greek cotton by one of my newest favorite yarn brands. Yes, I am so deep in to the knitting world that I have favorite yarn brands. All yarns are not alike, people! Anyway, it is perfectly suited for summer months. Cotton is notorious for staying light and breezy even in hot scenarios (read: everywhere on the East Coast from May to September) so I figured that a modern bandana shape in lightweight cotton yarn would make a great addition to the ESD Summer Collection (of which there is currently one piece.)


This can come in any color for which they make the yarn (did you click the link? There are a LOT of colors) but I am partial to the current summer tones: mint green, peach, lavender, maybe a neon purple or bright coral? Maybe one of each. It's always good to have options!


Click through for more picures...


So...who wants one?


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