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Knitter, lawyer, and safer beauty advocate in San Francisco. 

Loves coffee, crafting, and cheese plates.  


Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for her High Five for Friday series, yet again! Love doing these mini-recaps of the week. bluebottle1  labels2 brunch3  donate4 jacket5  HFFF


1. Met up with my friend Valerie for some Blue Bottle Coffee last Saturday before venturing out to the East Bay for Zachary's Pizza (sadly I didn't Instagram this, though you'd better believe I photographed the hell out of that deep dish, so a pizza post is forthcoming!) I may have also bought a vegetarian French cookbook while we were perusing the Rockridge area. There are toooooo many cute stores there, people. Stay away! Or, don't. Let's go back.


2. Spent Saturday night and much of Sunday last week knitting up new hats (and finishing my Beatrix Bandana Scarf!) to drop off at Local Take, the store where I have some pieces for sale in person. The shop owners are wonderful so it's always fun to go drop off more things and feel the creative love!


3. Had a super delicious and awesomely intense (at least in terms of our food preparation and commitment to the cause) brunch with the roomies on Sunday morning as a knitting break. Standard.


4. Donated blood for the first time this week! There was a Red Cross bus parked near my building so a couple of coworkers and I decided to go for it. I'm not terrified of needles per se, I just don't like when it hurts... but when you read stats like these about how much blood is needed in America each day (ex: someone needs blood every two seconds), it makes you want to go back again and again. Who's with me?


5. Got this jacket in the mail from Aritzia and I am in love with it. I've seen people wearing jackets similar to this around SF and never knew where to get one and finally saw it on The Fashionista Lab and I ordered it and now I love it. That's pretty much all I have to say on that topic.


This weekend I am anticipating: brunch with some ADPi sisters in town for Outside Lands, a housewarming party thrown by a friend of a friend, brunch at another friend's house, and possibly yarn shopping with my mom. In between those activities I hope to get some sleep, read a book, and knit another cowl to drop off at LT. And maybe edit my Etsy listing descriptions. And write some more blog posts. Snap, I'm a busy bee! But it's worth it.


How was your week? Did you do/see/eat anything exciting?

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