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Fork it Over: Sausage Pasta (Again)

This has just been one of those weeks. Not a particularly bad week, nor even a particularly hard week, just filled with enough things (and following a weekend filled with enough things) to make you want to fall over and poop out the second you get home. Is it tacky to say "poop out" in a blog post? See, I'm too tired to even make linguistic decisions. Oof.  

On these sorts of weeks, I like to make something that takes a little more energy than avocado toast (especially since our toaster oven has, for lack of a better term, pooped out!) but still not so much energy that I want to take a nap in the middle of making it. These kinds of dishes make me feel productive and responsible and - dare I say it - grown up!


I've made this before, I'll make it again. I love putting things in a skillet and pouring some wine and olive oil over it and simmering and pouring it on pasta. I just do. Somebody please find a reason why pasta is healthy for you? Please?DSC_9689So here I present to you, Sausage Pasta (again.) Click through for the recipe and more action shots of my kitchen!


You'll need:

-- half a white onion / three cloves chopped garlic (or a hefty spoonful of the pre-chopped kind did you know that existed?!) / spinach leaves / mushrooms / sausage of your choice / some white wine / half a pound of pasta --

DSC_9665I skipped the step where you chop the onion and garlic and mushrooms and put them in a skillet over medium heat with some olive oil. I figure you guys have seen enough of me chopping onions and such, you know what that looks like by now. So, put the onion and the garlic and the mushrooms in a pan, with some olive oil, and stir it around until the onions are translucent. if you want to put more mushrooms in that's fine but remember mushrooms are olive oil hogs so maybe cook those up in a separate pan if you want to add more.


In another pan, cook your chopped sausage. This time around I tried to be "authentic" or whatever and used real sausage which, I learned quickly, does not chop. So I ended up taking it out of the casing (ewwww) and just chopping it with my spatula as it cooked. It looks pink in these photos but trust me, it was cooked all the way through. I have a thing about rare meat. Yuch. DSC_9671Once those puppies (onions) are good and translucent, pour the white wine over your mixture and bring to a simmer. I used about a cup of pinot grigio, and then added a bit more for good measure. It can simmer for a while without harming anything so don't be too afraid - it'll cook down!


Add the sausage so that it all gets good and wine-y. That's a technical term, people.


I really don't know how long it took to cook down, but I will say I was watching Gilmore Girls on my iPad while cooking so my concept of time might be a little off for this recipe. I'd say let it simmer, actually, for about 10-15 minutes while stirring, and then re-evaluate how soupy it is. Ok? Ok. DSC_9674Cook your gorgeous pasta while stirring the simmering delicousness, and then when it's all ready drain the pasta and mix the sauce in on top of it in a large pot. This recipe made a fair amount of pasta with even just half a pound. DSC_9676Top with parmesan!DSC_9679Top with more parmesan!DSC_9690And call it a night. Yum.


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