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1. I had the biggest hankering for homemade macaroni and cheese on Friday, so after work I went to Safeway, bought my little elbow pastas and blocks of cheese, and went to town. This recipe is the one I used and it was fabu.


2. I met up with some sorority sisters from USC that I hadn't seen in years (years!) at Stable Café in the Mission on Saturday morning. Some were in town for Outside Lands and some were just in town because they live there but either way it was really, really nice to catch up. Hopefully it will happen again soon!


3. After brunch on Saturday I had to go downtown to the Apple store (only to have them tell me there's nothing wrong with my computer - hey, remind me to return that battery I bought!) and perused the Anthropologie store on the way back to the Muni station. This was potentially hazardous as I am genetically predisposed to love everything in Anthropologie but I escaped with only a few cute hooks to mount on my wall and from which I plan to hang jewelry. I saw this sweater and almost gave in but I'm letting myself think about it for a couple of weeks. (But...come on. We all know what's going to happen. IT HAS A FRENCHIE ON IT. Done and done.)


4. I went to another brunch on Sunday at my friend Samia's house (thanks again for hosting!) and brought: a new friend of a friend, a friend from work, and this drink. I learned about it at brunch on Saturday and I have to say, I really like it. The Michelada is made from Corona beer, tomato juice, and tabasco. I stuck a celery stick in it to class it up. I think it worked, don't you?


5. The rest of the week was work work work but I got to take a break and go see Pacific Rim with the bf last night. Monsters vs. Machines! Aliens vs. Robots! It was great. And, the monsters were all sporting some neon! My new favorite thing! Everything is coming full circle here.


What was your week like? Any good weekend plans? 


ps - While finding the link for the bulldog sweater, I came across this dishtowel. It must be mine someday!

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