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One Two Three: Summer Happy Hour Necessities

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Something straw -- As I mentioned in Monday's Wearables post, I love the bag brand Foley + Corinna. I want everything they make and then some. So it struck me as I was perusing their site on Monday night (perusing! not shopping! I swear!) that this bag would be the perfect compliment to a professional day-to-night look. The colors are muted enough to be work-approp, but the straw lightens up the look for summertime so you don't feel you're carrying a ten ton briefcase to the bar for happy hour. Also would be roomy enough to fit...

  Something smart -- ...these wedges! I have a pair in muted grey that I love. The heel height is perfect for all-day wear and would ensure you didn't need to stash an extra pair of flats for going out after work (though you could fit a trunkful of flats in that bag.) Especially in a city like San Francisco, where every walk includes a hill, it's necessary not to break an ankle for fashion. I mean, unless it's really really worth it!

  Something stirring (pun!) --  The bar around the block from our apartment has a Cool Gin Mule on the menu, which my roommates and I have frequently enjoyed. Imagine my shock and awe (and delight!) when I realized the Moscow Mule is a pretty common summertime cocktail! I even ordered one at my fancy birthday dinner at Boulevard with the manfriend. If you haven't yet, try them. You'll be hooked.

  What are your favorite looks for going out after work? 

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