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High Five for Friday: 8/23

  I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for her High Five for Friday link up today!

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1. I spent all last weekend helping my parents move things out of their storage unit in Palo Alto and into our garage in Marin. It was exhausting. But, I got a new bed out of the deal, got fed delicious things at a new café in Larkspur, and got to drive a U-Haul!


2. I started working on a new Coco infinity scarf in a super fun color (chartreuse! even saying it is a kick) for one of my favorite bloggers. She's going to style it for me in one of her posts and I'll hopefully get some new traffic/fans/buyers/whatever out of it! So far it's turning out gorgeously, I think she's going to like it.


3. I got dinner on Tuesday night with Lily and Kate, close high school friends, and Kristin, a new friend! She and Kate lived together in NYC, but now she lives here, and Lily and I get to be friends with her. Mwahaha. We've already become crafty soul-twins and have serious plans to knit by her (working!!) fireplace and watch Breaking Bad. Can't wait for fall! Oh yeah, and we got dinner at Woodhouse Fish Co., which was really good. The wait was totally worth the $1 oysters!


4. My commute is starting to get to me a little bit (it's been four weeks now, I think that puts me squarely in "I still like it but this is tiring" territory?) so I splurged one morning and got a raspberry danish from the café I always go to for my morning coffee. I keep trying to think of new words for "delicious" so I'll say it was...scrumptious? Yes.


5. Finally, I had book club last night! We read "Gulp" by Mary Roach this month, about the digestive system. I thought it was going to be a snarkily-written textbook (and was actually kind of excited about that part of it!) but it actually is a lot more varied in its topics. Example: I only read half of it, and there were chapters on dog food, smell, chewing styles, and spit. Yes, a whole chapter on spit. I swear it was really cool. I want to read her other books someday! Maybe after I finish this one?


What did you all do this week?

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