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One Two Three: Summer Recipes to Try

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Something crisp --

This recipe from a new favorite fashion blog, Sequins & Stripes, appeals to my wannabe-Paleo sensibilities in so many ways! I love meatballs (and meatloaf, which is a very strange thing to actually like, but that's neither here nor there) and combining a savory meatball with a fresh, crisp side salad seems like the perfectly textured summer dish.


Something sweet --  I have always wanted to try my hand at grilling peaches, since I've heard they are the quintessential summer treat, including but not limited to attempting to borrow my boyfriend's George Foreman grill to do the job (no go, in case you're wondering. Hmph.) And, well, you all know I love cheese. So, here we are. Must try.


Something healthy --  I'm always looking for healthy recipes that don't taste too healthy (or, that you can bear to eat regularly to give your body, like, vitamins and nutrients and whatnot) and I've heard from friends that this dish accomplishes just that. I mean, it's Martha. The lady knows her way around the kitchen!


What do you think, any interest in trying one of these with me? Let's have a cook off!

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