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Fork it Over: Jalapeño Quesadilla

You guys, are you ready for this? I mean are you really, really ready? Because this recipe (from the Pioneer Woman Cooks) is going to change your life. And by that I mean, anyone who is like me and has a ridiculous sensitivity to spicy things, is going to fall in love with spicy things. Specifically jalapeños. And anyone who is like the bf and most of my friends, and likes spicy things already? Is probably just going to laugh at how pitiful this recipe sounds.  

But, hey. Win some, lose some! And to me, this is a win. A shutout, championship game, rooting for the underdog win. DSC_9381 DSC_9371TELL ME you don't want to know how to make that?

I'll show you, it's easy!

You need: tortillas // monterey jack cheese // jalapeños // black beans // avocado // butter (yes, you need this!) DSC_9347First, preheat your tortillas a little on the stove. Not ON the stove, but, you know - on a pan on the stove. Do I have to explain everything to you guys? Come on now. Don't cook them too much, just get them a little warm and crispy. They have to be able to still cook more later without charring! DSC_9335Slice up your jals (that's short for jalapeños)... DSC_9343...and throw them in a pan with some butter. Sometimes you gotta add some more butter to make sure they don't burn. Go ahead, I won't judge! DSC_9353Cook until they are floppy (I'm sorry, that's my best descriptive term here) and a little browned. DSC_9355While your jals are cooking (don't forget to stir them once in a while!) you can grate your monterey jack cheese, assuming you bought a block of cheese - you can go even lazier with this recipe and buy the pre-shredded bag. Again, no judgment! This recipe is about delicious dinner with minimal effort. DSC_9358 DSC_9354Cut up some avocado, while you're at it! Also, get a can of black beans, drain the beans, and separate out about 1/4-1/2 a cup for your quesadilla. DSC_9361Now, you're ready to assemble! DSC_9366 DSC_9363Not pictured here is the extra helping of cheese I layered on top of the black beans and avocado so the tortilla would stick equally well on both sides... I'm a master-flipper when it comes to eggs and hamburgers but not so much with the large tortillas. As you can see by the crinkled edges below. DSC_9367Let it brown and melt on both sides - it's ok if a little cheese sneaks out, it won't kill anybody!


And then, you have...this. DSC_9372 DSC_9377 DSC_9388Cut your quesadilla into sixths, then eat the entire thing by yourself. I mean, let's be honest. Look at that thing.


What's your favorite thing to put in a quesadilla? Jalapeños are definitely on my list now!

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