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One Two Three: Festival Style

In honor of Burning Man's completion this past weekend (no, I didn't go, have you met me? I'm into roughing it and camping and whatnot but I don't wanna ride my bike around in the desert for a week just for kicks. Surprise! I need showers more frequently than that. Just being real. The art installations do sound pretty cool, however!) I figured I'd share my top three festival style necessities. Not that I own all of these pieces at the moment, but, a girl can dream. flowergarland  bootsbangles flowyjacket


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A crown for your crown -

Flower garlands are making a big comeback. They're even being sold in real stores, they're not just the DIY variety anymore! And if you're going to a summer festival, you need to be wearing one on your pretty little head. I like the ones that look more natural like this photo and are less ostentatious, but I guess if you're already wearing a crown of flowers on your crown (har har) you may as well go all out.


Boots made for walking -

Boots. I don't really care what kind, but cowboy boots have been known to take a beating. And a dusting. And beer being spilled on them and people stepping on them and being tossed around a campsite. Frye is a great brand too but for those who can't afford $300 ankle booties (I'm a girl of the now, I know what the economy is like!), you might check around to see if there's an equestrian store in your area - I bought broken in cowboy boots years ago at a riding store in Redwood City that I will never give up.


A cover up to...cover up -

There's really nothing like a flowy jacket. It can be an oversized sweater or made of some gauzy nonsense like this jacket, but either way, you'll need a transition piece for when the sun starts to go down but you're still completely hyped up. I actually really do like the floral look in this photo - it adds a pop of color and pattern to an otherwise pretty basic outfit. That's the way to go, I tell ya!


Did you go to any festivals this year? What did you wear?

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