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What I did last night:

Y'all, I had an eventful evening last night. Wanna hear about it?  

I did some cleaning: cleaning We've decide to divide and conquer when it comes to household (apartment) duties, and it was my turn to sack up and do my chores. Let me tell you, dust is now my mortal enemy...along with crown molding. I think you can put two and two together to make HOW MUCH I HATE DUST. Yuck. But I like when things are clean afterwards! Yay! So it's worth it sometimes to put in some elbow grease.


I put on a hair mask: coconut hair mask I first learned about coconut oil from... well, probably from a blog? I can't actually remember! Whoops. Then I looked it up on Pinterest and found about a thousand more articles detailing the amazing myriad uses of coconut oil. One of them is using it as a hair mask! I've done it before and liked the results, it's just time consuming, but last night seemed like a good night to give it another go. Et voila, I did.


I washed my makeup brushes: brushes This is yet another personal chore that I keep putting off time and time again. I vow to do better! *Shakes fist* Well, we all know how that goes. At least this time I did better. I can't find the original Pinterest pin I used ages ago to learn my cleaning method, so here it is in abbreviated form: - Take a bowl, castille soap (I love Dr. Bronner's), vinegar, warm water, and your brushes. - Mix a tiny bit of warm water with a bit of the soap (not enough to submerge or soak the brushes, you want to avoid getting water in the brush base as much as possible!) and swirl a brush around until the water inevitably gets disgustingly murky. - Rinse the brushes under the faucet, trying not to get water in the base. - Repeat the soap-swirling if you haven't washed your brushes in a while - you want the water to be as clear as possible before leaving this step. - When done rinsing all of your brushes under water and patting them dry on a towel, pour a little vinegar into the bowl and dip the tips of the the brushes into the vinegar. Don't rinse them, but pat them dry on the towel again. I don't remember why this step is necessary but it's something about conditioning the brush hairs? Whatever, just go with it! - Lay brushes flat, or preferably angled downward so the water runs away from the brush base, and let dry overnight. Keep away from heat or anything that could melt the glue in the brush base!


I rewatched Season 1 of Scandal: scandal While all of this was happening, I started rewatching Scandal on Netflix. I've been a fan of this show since it premiered but got off track during Season 2 (which is now on Netflix! Yay!) so I'm determined to catch up before Season 3 premieres in October.


What'd you do last night? Give me the deets!

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