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It's Friday again, already! This week felt extra short (maybe because it was, because of that whole "day off" thing!) so it's hard to believe we're doing another H54F post already, but here it is - oh, and I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth today. It's fun to share these snippets of my week with all of you! Sometimes things that might not be big enough for a whole post can add up to a pretty clear picture of my day to day life. You know, in case you were interested in that sort of thing.

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1. I went to my first baby shower on Saturday! Not mine, don't worry. A coworker from my job last year and her husband are expecting a little bundle of joy (named Henry) this fall, so I got to go celebrate with her and meet her sweet relatives! So far, I'm liking this baby thing. I'm excited for my cousin and his wife (is she my cousin too now? I don't know how that works) to have their little peanut this fall too. So many baby booties to knit!

2. BF and I and some of his friends hiked up to the Nature Friends Tourist Club in Mill Valley on Sunday, and spent hours drinking beer, eating chips and salami and gouda, and playing Cards Against Humanity. Then we hiked back...to the road, where we'd parked the car. It was a really nice day! I can't wait to go again.

3. I grilled with the roommates on Monday! They made veggie and shrimp (which were uh-maze-ing) kabobs and I contributed my fav ricotta-with-chili-flakes combo and some baguette. A couple of Leslie's girlfriends came and one brought Prosecco (!) and another brought her dog (!) and it was a pretty, sunny, calm Labor Day afternoon in Duboce Park.

4. I got invited to a friend's wedding next year! I'm really excited. That's all.

5. I have been trying to be more diligent about my workouts - baby steps, people! Baby steps! See this post by Carly about prioritizing health this month. That's what it's all about. I also have a near-term goal of the Nike Women's Half Marathon that I am supposed to be training for...so, I guess I'd better get my rear in gear! Two weeks does not a Half Marathon make. Yet!


How was your week?

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