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One Two Three: Redhead Fashion

In honor of NYFW (New York Fashion Week, for those not in the know!) I thought I'd do a fashion-related One Two Three post this week. And, what do you know, it's a subject near and dear to my heart - redhead fashion! There are lots of (ok probably not lots, maybe just a few) rumors swirling around about what colors are best and worst and ho-hum for redheads. While I think a lot of fashion has to do with the attitude and styling of certain pieces, rather than the exact colors, I'm here to share with you three unexpectedly great colors for redheads. These are all tested by yours truly.

redgold  redblack  redred

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Something Gold --  Gold is one of my absolute favorite colors, and while it can be a little showy, I think redheads pull off the warmth of most gold tones really well without looking too Vegas. Of course, this all depends on the material, the style, and the styling of whatever gold tone we're talking about... but looks like the one above strike the perfect balance between being bold and classy!


Something Black -- Black is an underrated color. Sometimes thought of as simplistic or boring, I think black can be very striking when paired with the right accessories (or lack thereof) and the contrast of a burnt orange or strawberry blonde hairdo against the stark backdrop of a black outfit can be more eye-catching than many colorful outfits. I buy almost every great black tee or tank that I find, so at the very least I'll have that much to pair things with!


Something Red --  Red. Oh, red. You would think this would be a simple one, a yes or a no, an in or an out. Ok, maybe you wouldn't think any of that - I don't know what you all think half of the time! Regardless, it's not a simple answer. I like red on redheads - I think it can be a bit much but sometimes a bit much is just enough. You know what I mean? No, probably not. It makes a statement. To risk overusing the word, it comes off as very bold. And it can be a great look! If done right. If not, then...yeesh. Weee-ewww, weee-ewww, fashion police!


Like any other texture, print, or pattern in fashion, these colors can be styled horribly or amazingly. I'm just trying to show that your haircolor, or skin tone, or even your height-weight-shape doesn't have to dictate your personal style. If you like it, go for it! If it's loud, great! I'm the girl who can never say no to sequins. I will never fashion-judge you.


What's the craziest thing you've ever worn? How did you make it work?

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