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A second for Levo League

I wanted to take a second to talk about Levo League. I know some of you may have been bombarded by tweets and emails from me about my articles on the site, or you may have only seen my postings about it on here, but it is a great site and I wanted to shamelessly plug it some more.  

More than anything, it has been a great opportunity to get my voice out there. I know, I know, "my voice" sounds so writer-obnoxious. But it's true! In today's world with so many blogs and twitter accounts and parody accounts of real accounts and personal-publishing-websites, it feels great to have a site that I had heard of even before my friend started working there (what up Freyan!) want to put my original content on their pages. To appreciate that I have something to say that others might find interesting. That my writing style is worthwhile. Writing is something that, of course, I'd like to do for myself my whole life...but I also want other people to read it, engage with it, see my words and have that "yes! I feel like that too!" moment. Writing is about connecting people from different walks of life and finding the common bonds in drastically different experiences. That's what I love about it, at least.


So I just wanted to thank Levo League for letting me contribute to the site, and remind you all (my readers! compatriots! friends! countrymen-and-women!) of the articles I have on there so farScreen shot 2013-09-12 at 7.45.08 AM


1. 3 Tricks for Getting to Work on Time

2. 6 Lessons I've Learned as an Etsy Entrepreneur

3. How to Handle an Illness at Work

4. 3 Things to Consider Before Applying to Law School

5. Studying What You Love Won't Hurt Your Career

6. What Sorority Recruitment Taught Me About Interviewing

and, my favorite one I've written to date: Screen shot 2013-09-02 at 3.22.59 PM7. A Real Girl's Guide to Paying Down Debt


I guess the moral of this post is, if you have something you love, something you want to spend time on, something you feel you could be good at, go for it. Don't spend time waiting for the perfect opportunity - make it happen! Levo is something I never would have expected to come around but when it did I said YES! and now I'm writing articles on the internet.

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