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Wearables: A Pop of Pink

This picture is a little blurry but it's the happiest one and I like to start posts off on a happy note so here we are, and you're stuck with the blurry pic! (Oh yeah, and all pictures were taken by my mother this time around.)  

This weekend, it began to look like fall. Have I mentioned enough in the past two weeks how much I'm looking forward to fall? Well, I am. And I'm wearing sweaters all week in an effort to will the universe to comply with my weather-wishes. I think I've got a shot, but maybe that's just the abundant positivity talking.DSC_1445

// sweater: J.Crew Factory

// collared shirt: H&M (similar)

// jeans: Gap 1969 denim

// shoes: Target (similar)

// bag: Marc Jacobs, circa 2007 (similar)

// necklace: Francesca's Collection

DSC_1416   DSC_1417

Can you tell my mom took these pictures? We had some creative differences along the way. It all worked out though! Thanks mom! DSC_1427 DSC_1428   DSC_1430

I'm probably going to live in this sweater come "real Fall." It's Just. So. Cozy! DSC_1431

DSC_1442   DSC_1443 DSC_1460This necklace is a little much but I love it too. The pale pink color, especially contrasted with neutrals, and the layered teardrops just add up to a statement necklace that CANNOT BE IGNORED! And it makes a fun plastic clinking sound sometimes. Too far? DSC_1459Wow, my hair is curling up in these photos. I must be doing something right!


All I need to complete this photo shoot is a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Mmmmm.


Have you picked out your favorite fall outfit yet?

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