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One Two Three: NWM Training

Every year for the past three years (ok, so, for three years) I've trained for and run the Nike Women's Half-Marathon in San Francisco in October. And every year for the past three years I've created a new playlist replete with songs to power my way through the grueling process of getting back in shape. This year, for my fourth year, I have ample songs from which to choose, and the following three are my favorites thus far:  

Something with girl power --


I'm not going to lie, sometimes I give up my feminist ways in lieu of spunky, colorful, fun things, and I'm not ashamed to use the phrase "girl power." Katy Perry is one of those things. Say what you want about a mid-twenties girl dressing up in candy costumes for her tour but I like her, I think she gives off good vibes, and her messages - while sometimes slightly risqué for the teen set - are about loving yourself and having fun with life. Honestly, with everything else going on in the world, I like anyone who reminds us all to love life. And her song "Roar" makes me feel like I can run 13.1 miles!


Something loud --


I found this song on Spotify's Top 100 Songs playlist and I am really glad for it - when training for a race, you need to evoke the training montage from Rocky, if Rocky wore spandex and neon purple running shoes and ran on a treadmill instead of up and down bleachers. I don't like doing bleachers. Knowing me, I'd be the one to fall face first into the cement steps and knock out a tooth. I want to run the race, but I also want to keep my teeth. The song "We Own It" by 2Chainz & Wiz Khalifa from the Fast & Furious 6 soundtrack gets me pumped!


Something peppy --


This song ("Wake Me Up" by Avicii) just has a great beat that I can get into a running rhythm with (to? against? during? whatever), and I often hit replay several times during a run when I'm trying to pick up the pace. It gets me in the groove! That's all there is to say. Might have to check out his (their?) other songs from the album this week.


Do you have any great workout music you're loving right now? Share in the comments!

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