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Wearables: Mustard & Mint


//sweater: Anthropologie circa 2009 (similar) //jeans: Gap 1969 Denim //t-shirt: Everlane

//necklace: gift from Carly Sparkles, via Jewelmint //heels: Corso Como //headband: J.Crew (similar)


You guys, it's beginning to be fall. And I love it. Have I mentioned that lately? Maybe I should keep talking about it. That's how weather works - you said how you want it to be, and voila! It be-s that way. This weekend it poured on Saturday and I couldn't have been happier for it, even though I was outside walking around in it for much of the time (another post for another day! Mayhaps tomorrow?)


I don't know if it's the stubborn girl mixing with the California girl in me but for some reason I get bored of the sunshine. I know, womp womp, poor Maddy who has to live in sunny California. Newsflash: San Francisco is really not sunny that often! So at that point, I'd rather have it be full-on rainy, overcast, cozy weather rather than the weird the-sun-is-out-but-it's-freezing-and-windy thing. Just my preference.


What was I even talking about? Oh right, fall! For fall outfits, I love mustard this year. I will wear it any time of year but I think it really "goes with" the fall aesthetic. Oh god, listen to me...but it's true! Mustard and burgundy, oh man. Those colors remind me of Thanksgiving!


One way I'm trying to slowly coax the world into following me (fall-oh-ing me? hardy har har) into the new season is by pairing summer colors (pastels, mint and peach, chambray, bright gold) with fall colors. I think it especially makes a great combo here, with the mint green necklace and the mustard yellow cardigan, paired with neutral everything else. This may be one of my favorite outfits I've posted to date. I'm only working with a volume of 6-7 posts, but still!


Click through to see many many more pictures of...well, me!

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I also think I've found a new favorite outfit post photography spot - right outside our breakfast nook! We live on the top floor so the balcony-stairwell, while not very aesthetically pleasing in its own right per se, gets really great light. I also tried shooting outside by myself for the first time yesterday but got too worried about my camera when this guy on his bike rode by. No thank you! Stairwell it is from now on.


What do you think of this week's pairing? What's your favorite fall color you can't wait to wear?

Hot Spot: Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market

High Five for Friday: 9/20