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Hi friends! This week was kind of crazy but I'm still here for our HFFF post, linking up with Lauren Elizabeth. Here's my highlight reel from the week: 638461B4-1996-409F-9AEB-66B2FE401D59CAE6EB5D-6A3C-43A9-9419-7040EDFEAFDF A09D9601-6921-4AC9-BDD7-0ABD72DA9987D3F5CBED-E834-4984-B5DF-9D7325DC5D51 8E1CA356-0E1A-487D-85C0-2FFC03330C6EH54Fblack 1. This week (I count my weeks from Saturday through Friday now since I've started doing these Friday recaps!) started off fantastically - I went home to see the fam last Friday night, and on Saturday morning mom and I went to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market with her friends from out of town. See the full pics from that day here if you're interested! 2. It rained all Saturday morning and it was glorrrrrious. I am so excited for days spent inside with tea and my knitting needles. MAN I'm old. But really, I'm trying everything I can to hurry up the fall weather - I even got my nails done this week in a dark burgundy color since it's TIME FOR FALL FASHION. At least, that's what I'm trying to tell the Universe in not-so-subtle ways... 3. My Coco scarf was styled by Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky this week! I've definitely gotten some more shop views from that post and I hope she wears it in future posts, as she often remixes different pieces she likes. Fingers crossed! 4. I've been getting up at 5:45 to work out still. Go me! I've been eating it all back with free food, but, whatever. Irrelevant. Also, I accidentally dressed entirely in purple one day this week - sweatshirt, the knees of my pants, socks, and shoes. Really Maddy? 5. I applied to the Renegade Craft Fair! I got wait-listed for their summer show this year, which, you know - probably for the best since I make knitted things! I'm hoping that since I've added a bunch of new styles since that application, and since it's the winter show, that I'll have a better shot of making it. If not, still fun to give it a try and apply! If I do make it though, you know you're all coming to it, right? RIGHT Ms. Sparkles? How was your week? Give me the update in the comments!

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