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Wearables: Summer Blues

Though I am overly-anxious for fall to arrive, I have to admit that summer is still in full swing in the Bay Area. Last week temperatures reached the 80s, and though there were some (blissful! lovely! enchanting!) small showers over the weekend, it is supposed to reach 80 degrees again this Friday. Thus, to go to a baby shower this past weekend, I had to make good use of my summer colors while I still could...DSC_1782I don't know what it is about colored pants but I could wear them all year round. In fact, I plan to - I have some mustard, green, and navy varieties that will be making the rounds this fall and winter. I might even be able to figure out a way to wear my white-with-blue-flowers denim pants from Madewell, if I'm really good. Sometimes you don't want to wear a whole dress but you need something more colorful and fun than jeans, et voilà! Colored pants make an appearance. These blue ones from the Gap were the subject of my very first outfit post...My how far we have come. DSC_1773_2I tried to spice up this photoset with the action shot below but I'm not sure how well it worked. What do you think? Have I found a new pose? DSC_1795...at least my hair looks good. DSC_1804 DSC_1807  DSC_1810

I don't know if I'm a masochist or what but I find a weird kind of joy from posting funny looking pictures of myself. It's like the anti-style blog over here.


//sweater: Target //t-shirt: Everlane //pants: Gap summer 2012 (similar) //wedges: Jessica Simpson (on sale here) //bag: Kate Spade 2008 (similar) //necklace: c/o Maripat Designs

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