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Recipe from Le Marais Bakery: Pain de Genes

Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 8.18.16 AMJust a short post today, but a good one - this recipe from Le Marais Bakery will knock your socks off. I visited the Bakery on Chestnut Street in SF a few weeks ago to interview both the head baker and owner/founder for Abbott and West, and was amazed by the sheer volume of delicious things they had there. Really, everything was amazing. The lemon tartelette? Yes. The croissant? Yes. The morning bun? Yes yes! And then, the Pain de Genes. It was moist, sweet, subtle, and overall - almondy. I'm making that an official descriptive term for today's purposes.  

The recipe is up today on A&W! You too can make this (gluten-free!) cake right in the comfort of your own teeny city-living kitchen (I'm projecting a little bit here.) Or, we can all just have one big Le Marais date...

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