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High Five for Friday: 10/4

This week feels like a whirlwind! Maybe it's just because both of the weekends book-ending it are so jam-packed with things, but I am exhausted by fun. This reminds me why sometimes I just don't do anything and stay home and go to bed at 10:30. And by sometimes, I mean most of the time. All things have been very fun though, so I guess I just need to deal with the tiredness! You can sleep when yer dead, amirite? Ew. Hate that phrase. Anyway.

Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth today, love that girl!


1. I went camping last weekend (for the first time in a while!) for my good friend Camille's birthday. I only stayed one night (well, so did she, but that's a longer story) but it was really fun - making burgers, drinking the huge jug of wine I'd bought at Safeway, gathered around the heat lamp we placed inside the fire pit since there was a no fire warning that weekend. Ahh, the things camping dreams are made of! Oh, and we saw tarantulas. No, I'm not kidding - apparently the site we were at is one of two great places to see them in Northern California, and it was the middle of mating season. YUCK. Anyway, we survived.

2. Went on a mini coffee date with the boyfriend Sunday morning before heading home to Marin. We haven't been able to spend that much time together of late, so any little bit counts! Also, the patisserie near his apartment is incredible. In.Cred.Ible. I wanted to get all of the things, but I held back and survived with a latte and a "Kouign Amann (queen-ahman) with red fruit." YUM.

3.  Later on Sunday, I went to my cousin's baby shower. My cousin is technically the male part of the duo, and his wife is pregnant, but there's some ownership of the bebe I think, so it's his shower too! It was so nice to see them both (love them!) and to get excited about this new bundle of joy. I really think they're going to have the sweetest, most hipster baby around - I'm already preparing for baby TOMS and jean jackets with flannel collars and little hand-knit (maybe by me!) mittens in the winter. Ahhh. I want to be a baby stylist... Anyway, congrats Zach & Britta! I can't wait.

4. News alert: My brother turned 20 on Monday. Whaaaaaaat. How did this happen? We all went to a family dinner at this amazing Italian place (check my Instagram for photo proof if you don't believe me!) I was in charge of picking out the cake, so this gigantic carrot extravaganza was my doing. He likes carrot cake, I swear! Happy birthday brosef. Be happy I couldn't find any embarrassing pictures of you as a baby to post online that day.

5. Last night I went to the Exploratorium's After Dark series with my roommates and some friends! It's similar to the California Academy of Science's Nightlife series (which I've been to a couple of times, it's fun!) in that you get to see the science exhibits like any normal visitor would, but there's usually music and drinks and sometimes extra special exhibits set up just for that event. Again, there are many, many more pics on my Instagram page. So fun!

It was all fun, but now I'm trés pooped out. Looking forward to a Friday night in getting my life organized: earthquake state, Abbott and West, etc.

What did you do this week? Are you staying in or going out tonight?

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