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Camping at Henry Coe

You guys would not believe the number of photos I have to share with you. No, seriously! You wouldn't believe it! After all my talk about creating vs. curating, I need to get my little creating rear in gear and start catching up with these blog posts. I wonder if I'll ever post those New York trip photos I keep mentioning... who wants to start taking bets? Instead of going in chronological order and becoming even more behind, I'm going to try to alternate this photo-palooza: some recent events, some less-so. Today is a recent one (yay!) from only a couple of weeks ago (boo, still not that recent.)

One of my best friends from law school, Miss Camille, had a camping trip birthday this year (as she did last year, and possibly the year before that, though I honestly can't remember. Oh, no, I remember - it was not a camping trip. But I still won't be telling you what that celebration looked like. It was perchance a wee bit rowdy!)

DSC_1719 c8  c3 c1  c2 c4  c6 c7  c10 DSC_1715

We went to Henry Coe State Park near Morgan Hill (when I first heard we were camping out there, I thought to myself, "Where, on the golf course?") and, let me tell you, it was beautiful. After a 30 minute meandering drive through carsick-inducing windy roads, the campsite appears, and we had a 180 degree view of the mountain ranges around the Bay Area. There are times when I don't really want to be outdoors, and then there are times when I almost can't believe how majestic and awe-inspiring our natural landscapes are.

Oh yeah, and apparently we went there in the midst of Tarantula mating season.

spider1 spider2

Click through to see more pictures (including arty nature photos and my attempts to photograph the starry night sky.)

Let me clarify re: the gigantic spiders - we weren't surrounded by them, at least not that we could see. Maybe there were a lot in their little burrows, but we only had two real sightings. Evan spotted one on the road (from 50 feet away! Ick.) while driving up to the camp grounds, and we all saw this one on the way to the bathroom in the morning. Camille stood guard while Monica ran down to get Evan & me and to grab our cameras.

Yes, we're a little bit city, we get amazed at seeing spiders the size of our hands. OUR HANDS, PEOPLE! And we were there in the middle of their mating season, so it's probably pretty lucky we didn't see more. And we didn't see this one until the next morning, so we didn't really spend too much time thinking about how all the little holes around our tents were probably burrows. EW.

(Immediately upon my return to internet I did research on the buggers and they're actually very non-confrontational. They'll take like 8 different steps to make sure you leave them alone before they really try to bite you or anything. And even then, I guess they're not poisonous to humans? They do carry allergens though, and apparently many people can have a severe allergic reaction to their bites, which can cause big medical problems. So don't try to get bitten or anything just because their venom isn't that bad for us. STILL STAY AWAY from the GIANT SPIDERS.)

Back to the story!

We pitched tents, we relaxed, we ate healthful natural meals...

DSC_1708 DSC_1720 DSC_1726 DSC_1727 DSC_1728 DSC_1731 DSC_1732 DSC_1733

Then, I tried taking pictures of stars:

DSC_1735 DSC_1737 DSC_1738 DSC_1739

That, my friends, is what happens when your hands wiggle.

Night turned into day, and we spent the morning and early afternoon relaxing in our surroundings (playing Sour Apples and making coffee as shown above.)

DSC_1742 DSC_1746 DSC_1747 DSC_1750 DSC_1751 DSC_1752 DSC_1755 DSC_1756 DSC_1759 DSC_1765 DSC_1767 DSC_1768 DSC_1769 DSC_1770

Sadly, the trip had to come to an end, and I returned home to civilization. I do love me some camping though - hopefully next summer I'll get to go on a longer trip!

Do you have any good camping stories, like a tarantula run-in?

ps - Debbie, I'm posting the dinner pics on Thursday!

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