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Another busy week, another chance to link up with Lauren Elizabeth! h1h2 h3h4 h5H54Fblack

1. Went to brunch at a new place in the Sunset last weekend! "Beachside Cafe" now has ownership of my new fav breakfast burritos. No, that's not true, "Deli &" in FiDi will have that name for the foreseeable future...but this burrito was pretty great! As was discussing The Godfather at our mini book club. Yes, I'm in many book clubs. I am a freak ok? A lovable freak.

2. I ran the Nike Women's Half-Marathon with Camille on Sunday! It was such a great experience. I posted more about it here.

3. The leaves are turning! I went home for a couple of nights right after the race to recuperate and have my  mom serve me Mac n Cheese while I was in my pajamas. Nothing like home cooking that you've ordered directly from the living room couch... I'm so excited that the weather has finally caught up to my desire for fall foods!

4. Got my new stickers for ESD and had a chance to send them out, as someone ordered one of my Mabel coin purses! From Switzerland! Hopefully the little package makes the journey safe and sound and Barbara is happy with her ESD original...satisfied customers is the name of the game here, folks.

5. A little Halloween preview for you... any guesses? Most of you already know but I'll still leave it a mystery for a bit. More pictures will follow next week from Googleween (at work today) and real Halloween next week!

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