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Labor Day BBQ

To continue with this alternating recent-and-less-recent posts theme, let's go back! Way back. To Labor Day. Almost two months ago. Yeah, that far back. I said I had a lot of photos, alright? IMG_1604

Be forewarned, this post is going to make you wish it weren't quite so October-y right now. You're going to be dreaming of fields of green grass, the smell of charcoal cooking marinated meat on the bah-bee, and the sound of Prosecco popping because it's a holiday dammit and you should celebrate your few-and-far-between days off from work!

Want to know what all those lovely treats are? Come on in!


First, we had to prep everything at our apartment. Think four girls in a smallish kitchen, chopping veggies, skewering veggies, and stirring things. It's a miracle none of us lost an eye in this environment, but somehow, we managed to muster through unscathed. And eye-ful.

Izzy, our visiting watchdog, fell asleep on the job. She's lucky nothing horrible happened or her cute fluffy tush would have been out of a job!


Let's be real, we'd still keep her around.

We finally headed over to the park close to our apartment, carrying grocery bags of prepared food and an IKEA bag full of mini-grill. Luckily this park is less than two blocks from our place, so it really wasn't the ordeal I'm making it out to be. Womp womp.


Look at that sky! It was a bit overcast but the cloud shapes were just so lovely...

Lily and Leslie went to work firing up the grill while I maintained a safe distance and snapped these great action shots. You really get the feeling of frustration and eventual victory, don't you? Yeah, me neither. Action shots are still fun.

DSC_1227 DSC_1229

Finally, we got down to the grub! My contribution was ricotta mixed with some spices and with honey and berries on top. This was during my ricotta phase, you may remember it? Anyway, I've found a new, easy appetizer: ricotta cheese, salt, pepper, chili flakes, honey. Put it on bread. Eat. You're welcome!

IMG_1602 DSC_1231

Our libation of the day was an oversized bottle of Pliny from Russian River - this bottle is still sitting in our kitchen. It's way too good to get rid of! Just imagine a beer bottle full of wildflowers on our table someday. So SF.


Lily and Leslie made the other dishes - this quinoa salad was completely addictive. It had so many great summer vegetables - corn, string beans, tomato! We had to take advantage of the (almost) end of the summer veggies.


Whatcha got there, Lil?

DSC_1235 DSC_1237 DSC_1238 DSC_1241 DSC_1245 DSC_1247 DSC_1252 DSC_1254

Izzy was slightly more awake on the job later - she ran countless (literally) circles around the picnic blanket once off her leash, and had to be corralled more than once after she tried to make friends. What a social lady! The best part is that she responds to Romanian commands since Anita (the momma) is from Romania. Gata! I don't remember what that means or even if that's spelled correctly, but Izzy listens either way.

DSC_1255 DSC_1256

Oh hey friends!

DSC_1258 DSC_1260 DSC_1261 DSC_1262

I almost forgot about the shrimps! Shrimps on the bah-bee. Yeah, I said it.

DSC_1264 DSC_1265

I tried to class up my paper cup full of Prosecco... what do you think, success?

DSC_1267 DSC_1268

Eventually it got windier, colder, and less appealing to be outside. We moved the party indoors - always moving the party, never stopping! Ok, stopping sometimes. But at least we still have the pictures.

What's your favorite dish to make for summer parties?

Happy Halloween!

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