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One Two Three: Holiday Party DIYs

It's almost here! Can you feel the chill in the air, hear the celebratory clink of crystal glasses, sniff the scent of cinnamon and clove? Fall is officially in full swing and winter is coming (yes, that's a reference.) wishbone-napkin-rings Mini-Cone-Party-Decor3 tissue-tassel-garland

I haven't done it for the past couple of years, but in college and law school I used to love throwing little holiday parties right before Christmas so all my friends returning home could get together. It was also, at that time, my way of pretending to be an adult and throw an event that consisted of more than a case of PBR and some chips. Entertaining is a huge ordeal, but it's worth it.

In that vein, here are some ideas for DIY touches that can make your holiday gatherings just that much more personalized... you don't have to be throwing a huge fête to use these ideas for your small family meals or as a background on a tried and true PBR-and-chips night!

1. For Thanksgiving

Unless your family dinner consists of double digit attendees, or you are a member of some kind of giantess family, you'll probably only get one or two wishbones outta that bird. But never fear - these baked clay wishbones serve both as festive napkin rings and end-of-dinner surprises! If you really want to push the utility on this one, you could also gather all the wee ones around to help make them while the "adults" are busy in the kitchen. Man, I'm just full of good ideas for how to use fake wishbones.

2. For Winter (ok, really for Christmas)

How adorable would these cone trees look in varying shades of green and brown as a Christmas party backdrop, or some kind of hanging bunting? I just love that they can be subtle and yet still seasonal. They would also be great as the background for a makeshift photo booth space at any kind of holiday party! Decorate them with glitter pens or markers to add "snow" or ornaments.

3. For New Year's Eve

Another great idea for party decor that can double as photography props are these fantastic tissue tassels - they look excited (yes, an inanimate object can be excited!) and simple at the same time. It's great that you can play with the color schemes to suit any purpose. Sometimes the easiest decorations are the best because you spend more time on prepping other things... like food.


Have you done any of these DIYs, or do you plan on trying any this season? I personally want to make the tassels and the cone garland the most... I love having hanging decor! It just makes every event feel like a party. Maybe that's just the fourth grader in me.

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