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I missed last week (there may have been some Halloween aftermath involving lots of water...) but we're back again for this week's recap, and linking up with Lauren Elizabeth! h1h2 h3h4 h5H54Fblack

1. Ran down a street in my neighborhood last weekend and saw these beautiful golden leaves intermingled with purple flower petals all down the sidewalk. Fall is here!

2. Knit up a storm last weekend (and continuing into this week) to restock hats at Local Take. The most popular so far has been the Beth beanie.

3. Sunday night went to go see Mortified Nation with the roomies - I seriously laughed the. entire. time. This documentary based on the live show is a MUST SEE! So go see it!

4. Had a catch up brunch with one of my sorority sisters who moved to SF a few months ago... it took us forever to finally schedule a get-together, but I'm so, so glad we did! There's something about reconnecting with people from those important times in your life (like college) that really reminds you of how far you've come and how much life you have left to live. Don't sweat the little stuff, etc. Deep thoughts over pancakes!

5. Went to dinner last night with some fun ladies at one of my favorite Mexican restos (and, obviously, hers too) for my dear dear friend Val's birthday. Val and I met in law school and I'm so glad our friendship has continued into (cough) "adulthood." I use quotes there because really we still all feel too young to be adults, but I guess this is what my parents are always talking about re: getting older and not knowing how you got there. Either way, I hope she had a very merry birthday!


This weekend I'm looking forward to: more knitting, book club, and more birthday celebrations! Do you have any great plans?


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