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Knit Two Together: Works in Progress

This weekend was a knitting whirlwind, my friends - let. me. tell. YOU. I literally woke up this morning with pains in my wrist from the repetitive movements. Premature arthritis, bring it on! I feel like there should be a quotation about suffering for one's art that applies here, but looking that quotation up would probably just cause more pain to my wrist from the typing. So I'm going to move right along. I've been remiss in my blogging about knitting - I post a lot of behind the scenes pictures on my ESD Instagram and Facebook accounts, but not everyone sees those. So here are a few snapshots of new products I've finished in the past couple of weeks, several of which are available at Local Take on 17th and Market! And, some of which are not ready for sale yet. But stay tuned, now you know they're coming...

IMG_2503  IMG_2523 IMG_2522  IMG_2543 IMG_2529 IMG_2561  IMG_2564 IMG_2584 IMG_2594  IMG_2616 IMG_2596

I love neutral colors mixed with unexpected touches of neon or geometric patterns, and since lots of my clothes are already bright or patterned, I've been working with lots of neutral or natural shades to balance it all out. The acrylic yarn in the 8th and 9th pictures is so incredibly soft and I can't wait to finish up that "secret" pattern and try it in a plethora of colors. Maybe even some neon knits are on the horizon!


Hey friends, what are your favorite colors for fall and winter?

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