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Wearables: Selfie Roundup

I knew one day all those minutes spent taking selfies in front of our hall mirror would pay off! I have so much respect for fashion bloggers who only post outfit photos - it's hard enough trying to manage it once a week much less multiple times or GASP every day! So this week, since I didn't get to take outfit photos this weekend, I thought I'd do a round up post of all my mirror selfies. There's fashion! There's photos! It's similar! Alright, I'll do better next week, I promise. But, for now, enjoy.

IMG_1130  IMG_1175 IMG_1260  IMG_1290 IMG_1351  IMG_1680 IMG_1541  IMG_1639 IMG_1672  IMG_1875 IMG_2030  IMG_2066 IMG_2230  IMG_2237 IMG_2278  IMG_2626 IMG_2625  IMG_0921 IMG_2629  IMG_2297

Also, yes, I realize I have pretty much exactly the same smile every time. I can't help it! That's how I smile! Except for when I'm laughing but laughing at yourself in the mirror is just weird. So, you know. I'm going to keep it to this one-smile, bent-arm pose.


Do you have a favorite outfit from this varied selection? Or, are you all just chuckling at how often I take pictures of myself?

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