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Christmastime is here...

The past couple of weeks have been eaten up with Thanksgiving preparations, work, and knitting (I had my big Cyber Monday sale, thank you so much to everyone who ordered that day! Or even just retweeted my announcements, asked how it was going, etc. I so appreciated it!)  but that doesn't mean I have ignored the signs of things to come. To be more specific, dun dun DUNNNNN - winter is coming! Christmas season is truly upon us! UP ON US you guys. Yes, my coffee may have just kicked in there.

To make up for being a lousy blogger the past week or so (and to pre-emptively make up for blogging less in the next couple of weeks as I prep for two big shows I'm doing) I'm here with a Christmastime roundup! I've gathered together a few things to make, to use to decorate your abode, or just to stare at dreamily and imagine what a white Christmas would be like. Sadly, I've always had to only imagine such a thing... le sigh.

So, let's get at it!


To drink:


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My absolute favorite thing to do in winter is warm up some spiced cider on the stove (a real stove!) add a couple cinnamon sticks, and sit in front of my parents fireplace watching holiday movies and crafting things. Here are recipes for a Mexican Mocha (for your cold mornings!), spiced cider, and mulled wine. I hope to make all three this month.


To decorate:


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While getting the Christmas tree with my family and dragging out our (rapidly-deteriorating) boxes of ornaments is my favorite way to decorate, I also really like the idea of simplistic, natural, or handmade decorations. Lord knows I love me some glitter and gold but in just the right balanced proportions - mixed with sprigs of evergreen or subtle rustic ribbon is the way to go, I think!

Here, some other ideas for decorating this year: Bottle Brush trees from A Beautiful Mess, paper cut outs for the wall, and homemade wrapping paper.


To dream:


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Finally, here are just some of the things I associate with Christmas - a horsedrawn sleigh with jingle bells, snowy days and bundled up peoples, freshly chopped logs for making cozy fires.


What are your favorite things about Christmastime and winter? Did I miss anything?

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