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Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled H54FblackHello! Linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for HFFF, so let's jump straight into it. This week I... 1. Went to SF Sketchfest - I saw this trio of comedians (and a bunch of other standup comics they introduced) including Michael Ian Black and another comic/actor from the movie Wet Hot American Summer. It was hilarious. I definitely do not go to enough comedy shows. Laughter is the music of the soul! Or, you know, whatever.

2. Saw art on Clarion Street - Val and I were walking around the Mission before going to a friend's birthday party and she showed me this alleyway full of incredible murals and paintings. See more pictures in this post right here.

3. Had a perfect latte - A Duboce Park Café breakfast with the roomies before I joined other friends for the Super Bowl gave me the most beautiful latte I've ever seen. No retouching on this picture, people!

4. Finally got some rain - I am wearing my LL Bean "bean boots" as I type this. I'm so excited for rain.

5. Caught up with a friend - Missy and I went to a Chinese food place in Sunnyvale my mom used to love (Tao Tao - don't worry, I'll do a Hot Spot post!) and got Chinese Chicken Salad, Lemon Chicken (which came with an orange sauce, whaaat?), and Honey Walnut Prawns. And then we chitchatted a bit. Like, so much so that I had to run to make my bus home from work. Whoops! Worth it.


Did you watch the Super Bowl? What was your favorite thing you did this week? 


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