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Wearables: Looks We Like

In honor of yet another weekend without outfit photos (this shall be rectified next weekend, or my name isn't Flafloogull McDougal!) I thought I'd put together a little collage of sorts of looks I've seen on my favorite fashion blogs. I even gave it a cute new name: "Looks We Like." Look out for this title on any week I don't have any outfit photos. Ha. I love seeing something on a fashion blog, realizing it's affordable, and splurging a little to satisfy that "I want THAT EXACT PIECE" craving, when I can. But it's also really fun to start noticing patterns (as in, repeated events, not stripes or plaids) and to realize you can put together a similar look from pieces in your own closet. Maybe I'll do a post sometime of looks I love next to pics of me trying the same thing from my own pieces. There's a thought...! I guess they don't call me Frugal Flafloogull for nothing!

(Honestly though, I'm loving this whacky new nickname, I may have to create a persona akin to Sasha Fierce. Except, less Beyoncé. Because there's only one Beyoncé.)

-- The Casual/Dressy Clash -- One thing I'm seeing a lot of lately is the mix of casual/slouchy and dressy. Both of these looks are very upscale in part with a casual twist to make the outfit more "accessible" everyday. I especially love the look of the simple camel coat and ripped jeans with her sleek heels in the second photo.

SequinsStripesAllBlack { via }APcamelcoat{ via }

-- The Fancy Boots -- Another common denominator is the "fancy boot" - a short boot that is embellished or patterned in some way to spice up an otherwise casual outfit. Those Chloé boots are to diiiiiie for.

kendieverydayleopardboots { via }houseinthehillschloeboots{ via }

-- The Updressed Sneaker -- Both of these pictures are taken by The Sartorialist (whose blog makes me feel simultaneously as if I should move to Europe and would also get laughed right back out of Europe) in Non-US places, and I think both of their styles are distinctly international. I love the idea of dressing up a normal sneaker with an exquisite leather bag or an oversized blazer-coat.

sartorialistslouchycoat { via }sartorialistnikes{ via }

Would you sport any of these styles? Have you noticed any trends you're loving right now? Share in the comments!

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