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High Five for Friday: 2/14

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Happy Valentine's Day, all! Here's a funny little doodle from the interwebs to start your day off right. Reminder: I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for this post!

This week I...

1. Made brunch -- with some girlfriends who came over last weekend, and of course, photographed it within an inch of its brunchy life.

2. Read my horoscope -- this has been a rough week and sometimes you need a reminder to just let go and let life take over.

3. Took more selfies -- I'm shocked at how long my hair has gotten. Keep growing, little hair proteins!

4. Resigned from the green thumb club -- I think I may have killed my teeny planet. All I had to do was spritz it and that was too much. Too much, I tell you!

5. Did some retail therapy -- I bought myself an early Valentine's Day gift. Sometimes shopping just feels good.


How was your week? Do you have any great plans for the weekend? My VDay is going to consist of some good self-talk and some good TV...!

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