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Wearables: Bareilles and Boots

Parents, hide your children's eyes. This post is a wee bit inappropriate. I mean, my t-shirt has a curse word on it for God's sake! Ok, an almost curse word. It's an asterisked-out curse word. They've probably seen worse on their way to school these days. Ok, so, nevermind. This post is fine! DSC_3222

I got this shirt at a Sara Bareilles concert and thought it was so hilarious, because it's... well, it's Sara Bareilles. She has one of the best voices I've ever heard, and she is truly skilled at songwriting (some of her turns-of-phrase blow me away, honestly. If you haven't heard Gravity or Gonna Get Over You or Hold my Heart or Machine Gun, then, go listen right now. Right now!) but she is not known for being hardcore. Maybe she should be more often, and maybe this tee is her step in that direction, but just saying. She's more often associated with trendy bowler hats and slouchy button downs than with swear words on tees. I like the contrast of a soulful singer-songwriter with a curse word. It's the middle schooler inside of me who can barely swearing on the phone to my parents (though I am warming to it!) -- I can't help it.

I thought pairing this tee with a slouchy sweater (which I used to cover up said curse word while at a very nice café for brunch this morning) and a tortoiseshell necklace would somehow temper the pseudo-aggression of the tee. Not sure how that worked out. The ripped jeans also play into this wannabe grunge look.

DSC_3187 DSC_3204 DSC_3207

The tote was a Valentine's Day present to myself. Sometimes you just have to show yourself some self-love (more on this in another post), and sometimes that self love comes in the form of a black leather tote bag with a perforated diamond pattern. Yes, indeed.

DSC_3215 DSC_3218 DSC_3230 DSC_3241

And these boots I just wear everywhere. So that's the story on those.

//sweater: Madewell (similar) //t-shirt: Sara Bareilles concert tee (I also love this one) //jeans: Gap 1969 Denim (similar) //boots: Steve Madden Intyce Boot (on sale) //bag: MZ Wallace Bellport tote (similar here and here) //necklace: Tortoise Deco Necklace by BaubleBar //nailpolish: Chanel (similar)

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