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Hot Spot: Farm House Local

This is going to be a very short post today as I'm writing it on my ten-minute break (yes, I get breaks! And I'm using mine before the workday begins! Agh. Bad blogger.) Farm House Local is a supes-adorbs mini-cafe-and-upscale-food-store (somehow calling it a grocery store isn't appropriate, but they sell artisan food goods like coffee, jams, spices, etc.) in Larkspur in Marin County. They have an adorable back patio in addition to their main eating area, but my parents and I opted to sit up front by the big bay windows. The natural light was incredible - I hardly retouched these photos at all. And by "retouched" I mean "used the exposure edit feature on my iPhoto because I am still a 14-year old at heart and that's most of what I know how to do to edit photos." Ok, I know more than that, but still. It was a gorgeous day. Anyway.

Also, I apologize in advance for these photos, as they were taken oh-so-subtly with my iPhone.


Big-T got the "Cinnamon and Nutmeg French Toast with Persimmon-Pear Compote and Sheep Ricotta" (top food photo), I ordered the "Two Glaum Farm Fresh Eggs Cooked to Order served with Fingerling Potatoes and Toast" and added Niman Ranch Bacon (middle photo), and my mom chose the "Chef’s Seasonal Omelet of the Day with Organic Greens and Toast" (bottom food photo.) The full menu is here in case you're interested.

Also, it took everything in my power to not buy fancy coffee and some jam and an FHL mug, let me tell you.


It really does look like an old-fashioned General Store, standing alone against the marauders of the Wild Wild West... need some provisions, anyone? Go here! It's great.

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