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Wearables: Red Scarf, Grey Shirt

My parents and I went to brunch this morning in Mill Valley and on the way back home stopped in this little turn off. It used to be the actual mill which gave the name to "Mill" Valley and now is home to a mini-shipyard (where sailboats and canoes are made and sold) and store selling nautical gear. I thought this was a perfect place to branch out and take some outfit photos in a new setting... Plus, the background matched my scarf. How often does that happen?

DSC_3384 DSC_3359 DSC_3381 DSC_3407 DSC_3421 DSC_3400 DSC_3397

Let me just say, I love this bag, I love this jacket, I love these jeans. I love these boots. And, even though I only received it via snail mail last week, I love this ring. This outfit may not be sparkly or neon but each piece is lovingly worn and, oftentimes, worn everyday.  My favorite outfits are not the ones that are most expensive (though my taste is gearing upwards these days, a trend I need to watch out for) but the ones where each part makes me feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. I hate the idea of wearing something trendy that makes me feel uncomfortable or that I don't actually like - I'll wear uncomfortable things I love, and ridiculous things I love, but I need to love them. I would wear a sequined bodysuit if it fit and I loved it.

While I am trying to rein myself in financially these days, I do have to admit that I am more than satisfied with my MZ Wallace purchase this month and it was worth every somewhat-exorbitant penny. I've used this bag for work, for running errands, carrying my gigantic DSLR to brunch, carrying groceries home from the store, carrying my laptop on the shuttle, carrying nothing more than a small wallet and sunglasses. I love how lightweight it can be but also how durable it feels. You can tell it is made to last. Also, I just love the perforated diamond pattern! You can't underestimate the aesthetics of a simple black bag. I love that brand and their honest opinion is that their bags are worth the price.

I love love love the pieces in this outfit. But, enough about me. What do you think?


____________________ //jacket: Talula Trooper Jacket //shirt: Athleta (similar) //scarf: Gap 2010 (similar) //jeans: Paige Denim 2009 (similar) //boots: Rag and Bone Newbury Bootie //bag: MZ Wallace Bellport Tote //ring: Galit via Etsy

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